The Quick Explanation:

To sum it up quickly, PAN’s goal is to save you time, the same original goal of the Internet and computers.

However, in today’s social media and web obsessed society the internet is taking up more and more of our time with ‘filler content’ created to make you spend more time than necessary on websites and social media platforms.

We’re here to cut down the time of you scrolling through adverts and lengthy blog posts to find the information you need to know about a product, while also cutting down as much bias as possible. We’re not into working with ‘influencers’ or sponsored products, we simply want to relay information about a product and suggest to you the best product by scanning your personal needs.

We were tired of spending hours looking through forums, reviews and blogs to educate ourselves on products we wanted to buy, only to find out the information is usually biased, skewed or sponsored.

Use technology. Don’t get used.
Pan always begins with a question.

The Lengthier (Nerdier) Explanation:

The aim of PAN is to revalue computers and computer networks in their original dimension of tools, available to people and their desires and considerations.

Computer technology was created to allow us to perform calculations and processes at very high speed, reducing the time needed to obtain the result we are looking for.
Computers do nothing that a man can’t do. They simply do it at very high speed.

The Internet is a network of computers and data, which exponentially scales the computing power and the wealth of information we can use for the calculation.

The Internet is accessible at low cost and should free up a great deal of our time, for the reasons above mentioned. In some specific cases, this actually happens successfully.
But it is now clear that this is true only and exclusively for some specific cases. Cases that represent a very low percentage of the time that instead of giving us, the internet takes us.

In a connected environment, it often becomes dangerous to start unplanned paths, because the network can easily deviate from our main goal.
The greatest risk is that of finding oneself in alternative paths, whose main objective is the so-called engaging.
To engage you, it means or get your attention and your time, for more or less noble purposes.

You can be engaged with cheap tactics – like right hand column banners, or animated carousels. or you can be engaged with emotions, often negative emotions.
Advanced engaging techniques are very effective and thus, very dangerous.
Sir Tim Barners Lee, in his public letter for the 30th anniversary of his invention.

PAN uses technology and the internet for specific objectives, such as: choosing the best TV based on your needs, comparing hundreds of models and monitoring prices daily.

Use technology. Don’t get used.
Pan always begins with a question.

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