Sounding Off on Sound Bars

If you’ve been using PAN TV, you know that we don’t usually review soundbars, because we would develop a unique algorithm similar to the one used to find the best TV for you.

That being said, we thought this article could be useful because we came across 3 soundbars that we believe are the best products available on the market today, in May 2019.

And in case you don’t feel like taking a quiz or didn’t even know you really needed a soundbar until this article, just take a look at these:

This one creates great sound and has a sleek and beautiful design. It’s not too pricey and customers seem to really enjoy this soundbar.

This second one is definitely more expensive, but it’s quite interesting because it has a unique sound output. It could be seen as a more advanced system and is worth the money.

Soundbars are another product where there’s so many options, from low to high prices and from sleek ‘barely there’ designs to bulky speakers. The aesthetics are always subjective and depend on what your tastes are and what the primary use of the soundbar will be.

For example, if you will usually be using the soundbar to watch TV (at a regular volume) you may want to invest less or consider different features such as bass or sound crispness than someone who is going to use the soundbar for playing music at high volumes regularly, aka house parties (oh those poor neighbours!).

Keep an eye out for PAN’s upcoming soundbar algorithm for more options personalized to your needs.