It’s all about Location – Even for your TV

When choosing the right location and set up for your TV it’s important to consider many different factors – not just aesthetics.

First things first, assess your space and decide at what distance you will (mostly) be watching your TV from. I say mostly because often times we tend to watch TV at different distances, for example, sometimes from your kitchen counter while cooking, but mostly from your couch.

Next, think about if you want an additional sound system connected to your TV and where you want to place each speaker. Same goes if you want any type of gaming system or extras (such as DVD or DVR players) attached.

What about WiFi integration or if you have a home network like Google Home? Consider where they will be placed.

Probably at his point, you’re thinking, “okay great, but what do I do with all these cables?”

This is an important aspect to consider because not only are a bunch of exposed cables ugly, but they also can be a safety hazard and as well as pesky dust collectors. While the best approach would be to design walls and plugs accordingly, this is not always possible.

In this case, a good cable management solution can help you to organize and hide/reduce your cables.

There are plenty of cheap options out there to keep your space clutter free – for example, Amazon has various options – check these out

On top of all these important factors, aesthetics also play an important role in deciding TV placement, perhaps you want it mounted on the wall or put on top of a set of drawers, the underlining factor is that it is comfortable, user-friendly and safe.

The key is finding some prime real estate for your new TV.