How to Find the Best TV Size for Your Space

When it comes to TVs (among other things) size matters. And by size, we don’t mean one of those massive old school square boxes with a curved glass screen, we mean the perfect modern design for your own personal needs and uses.

Many factors play into choosing the perfect TV size for you, such as space available, viewing distance, height, the list goes on.

You can calculate the best dimension for your specific case, with the following table:

Screen Size Recommended Range
26″ 3.3′ – 6.5′ (1.0 m – 2.0 m)
30″ 3.8′ – 7.6′ (1.2 m – 2.3 m)
34″ 4.3′ – 8.5′ (1.3 m – 2.6 m)
42″ 5.3′ – 10.5′ (1.6 m – 3.2 m)
46″ 5.8′ – 11.5′ (1.8 m – 3.5 m)
50″ 6.3′ – 12.5′ (1.9 m – 3.8 m)
55″ 6.8′ – 12.8′ (2.1 m – 3.9 m)
60″ 7.5′ – 15.0′ (2.3 m – 4.6 m)
65″ 8.1′ – 16.3′ (2.5 m – 5.0 m)

You simply need to insert the distance from which you will be watching your TV, and you will get the maximum dimension that will result in the most comfortable experience.

What about TV resolution?

If you are buying a new TV, we recommend you buy the best resolution available on the market, that matches your budget and time distance. We recommend you to check the maximum size you can get against 2 parameters:

  1. The space available in your house, where you will place your TV.
  2. The distance from where you will be watching your TV.

Use the table above to get the max size you should get according to PAN, and ask PAN what’s the best TV for you.

You can refine your question to PAN by adding more details, like your budget and your favorite Operating System – if you have one.

PAN’s goal is to save you a time and give you suggestions and a link with the best price we could find online.

What if I watch TV from different distances?

If your TV is on a wall on the living room, and you watch it both, chilling on the couch that is 1.5 m away from it, and from the kitchen counter while you’re cooking, from over 3.00 m, what distance should you use for your decision?

This is a very personal choice and we recommend you to pick the distance where you will be watching your TV most of the time, for longer TV breaks.

In the example above, PAN suggests that you pick the distance from the couch as it’s more likely that you’ll spend 2 hours or more watching a movie from that distance. From the kitchen counter you will still be watching TV while cooking, but maybe it’s more about hearing the sound, and glancing from time to time to keep up with the program.

A different resolution would result in different optimal distances, no?

Yes, for sure. However, with PAN we will suggest a modern TV with the best possible resolution available for your budget, and personal settings.

We recommend you to double check on the vendor website if the selected product matches your individual needs.

You can eventually ask our community and see the reviews on Amazon, BestBuy or Facebook.

Lastly, remember, bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better, it’s how you use it!