PAN Algorithm

PAN is an algorithm that combines real-time data available on the internet with expert opinions, with the aim of supporting people in their decision-making processes for specific scopes.

PANTV, it’s an application of the PAN algorithm for the question: ‘What is the best TV for me?’.

We manually enter the best TV available on the market, according to our experience.

Once a TV is inserted, the PAN algorithm starts to continuously monitor price, feedback from buyers, sales rank and other relevant parameters from our trusted shops.

This allows us to give you an extremely informed suggestion in only a few milliseconds.

You could reach the same results, but it will take you hours, or days, to read and weight all the feedback, technical parameters, price trends, etc.

PAN is ad free, and our goal is to use technology to save time.

We select our trusted shops independently. We chose them based on the personal experiences of our experts and the terms and conditions of each relevant affiliation programme can be found online. Also factoring in how reliable, easy to use and readily available new product updates are.

PAN is not meant to engage you. PAN is meant to save your time by offering you an incredibly powerful tool to exploit technology and all the information available on the internet.