TV Operating Systems – What’s Best?

All TV operating systems have Pros and Cons. But if you’re unsure of why you should care, or even know about your TV’s OS (operating system), here’s some reasons why:

What is a good reason to worry about the operating system of your next TV?

You may want to buy a TV that integrates as easy as possible into your existing technology. So if you have an Android phone, Google Home, or various kinds of devices/technology by Google, it could make sense to look for a TV with a relevant OS, like Android.

If you are an Apple fan, with plenty of iPhones, iPads or Macbooks, you may want to still consider Android TV, which integrates very well with Apple devices.

Another good reason is if you have a past (or current) negative experience with a specific TV OS.

Don’t expect too much from other solutions though, because in our opinion at the moment (2019) there is no dominant OS on the market. You can read a very deep and professional review here, but it won’t be life changing as there is not a definitive OS to choose. As with many things, there are pros and cons to each – but in the end, they are more or less the same if you don’t have any specific preferences.

Beware of bias reviews or opinions! As we all know, there are die-hard Apple fans and a super loyal Android squad – always keep your personal needs and preferences in mind when reading blogs or reviews.

PAN will suggest to you the best TV with any Operating Systems – from the best TVs on the market. Unless you’re looking for a specific one, we recommend you don’t limit your choice.

You can find plenty of reviews online, but in our opinion is not worth investing time unless you’re looking for specific information – for example – on integration with other technologies or connected devices.

If you simply want to have a truly personal opinion on what is better, the only way is to try it out at a friend’s house or in a shop that would allow you to do so.

If you are someone who doesn’t care about using devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and hasn’t had any experience with a specific OS in the past, then move right along and don’t fret about choosing an OS – just opt for the TV that has other features that you’ll find useful.